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Pannello led flessibile studiato sia per essere nascosto che per un utilizzo standard su stativo. Fornito con 2 batterie V-Mount, softbox, cavo di prolunga da dimmer a pannello, alimentatore a rete, cavo D-TAP, gelatine velcrate di diffusione e colorate, fascette velcro per il fissaggio del pannello, nastro biadesivo spessorato.

Westcott Flex mats are the industry’s only flexible LEDs that are warranted for life.

Their ultra-durable construction is rain and dust proof with an IP64 rating.

  • Versatile light for pro filmmakers, cinematographers, and photographers
  • Flexible and lightweight LED mat that can fit into tight spaces on location or in the studio
  • Flex LED mat is backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • High color accuracy with adjustable color temperature
  • Best quality flexible LED light available
  • Compact design is ideal for travel and convenient for setup and storage
  • Pliable framework for adjustable light spread

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